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I am lucky enough to live in beautiful Cornwall and enjoy nothing more than walking on my local beach at Swanpool searching for sea glass. I am inspired by all the natural things I see around me,my favourite colours are the blues and greens of the ever changing sea.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Pompom Queen

Going to be as colourful as my Mandalas
I have made pompoms for as long as I can remember to finish off scarves and hats by using two  circles of card with a hole in the centre, bit of a fiddle but worked ok.

I have now discovered a quicker, easier way to make them by using a pompom maker. At first I wasn't too sure about it but after watching a short youtube video I was away.

Really love the pompom garland that was my first effort and yes it had to be a Rainbow didn't it?  Now making pompoms for a pastel version and maybe a monochrome one would be good too. Going to be a great stash buster.

Have ordered more pompom makers in different sizes as I would like to make a mobile and wall hanging.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Craft Fairs 2

My colourful work looks good don't you think?

Baby things ---Accessories and Decorative Things.
We arrived at about 8-30am tables all put up so made a start by unpacking the stands and deciding where to put them, always takes a while as I keep changing my mind. Happyish at last.
Now to start the real unpacking, all the goodies.
How to display all my lovely things to do them justice?  Never enough room I always take too much, just in case.
Got some ideas for improvement next time as we will have the same spot.
At last all done! Now for a quick sit down,take a breath, have a cuppa before the crowds arrive.
We were certainly busy all day lots of people drifting in and out, not loads of sales but a positive day nonetheless I sold the most expensive thing on my table so thrilled with that. Chatted to lots of people making the day pass quickly, they were still coming through the door as we were packing up that hasn't happened for a long time so got a feeling that maybe at last things are picking up and the feel good factor is on a return visit fingers crossed.
Here's to the next one!

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Craft Fairs

When I started selling at craft fairs they were quite successful and profitable for me but over a number of years they have become less and less viable barely covering my costs at many of them.
So what has changed?
1. More people are taking up crafts which means more competition this I don't mind it's a level playing field. I am happy that the quality of my work and materials used will stand out from the crowd.

2. Big name shops have cottoned on to the trend for handmade and are filling the High St with supposedly handmade but probably imported from the other side of the world goods which are cheaper than I can produce.

3. There are many more craft fairs than there were selling a variety of goods and sadly many also include sellers of cheap imported goods of lesser quality that someone,somewhere may or may not have handmade certainly not the seller but undercutting and totally devaluing the work of genuine crafters and artisans.

In spite of all this I do still enjoy craft fairs meeting people face to face and chatting to them about my work. There are still some great Craft Fairs featuring only genuine handmade items to be found.
One such fair is starting again in the Church Hall St.Agnes Cornwall Friday 3rd July 10am to 4pm. No craft is duplicated and everything has been made in Cornwall by the stallholder. I am happy to say that I will be there selling my lovely range of hand crocheted and hand knitted things all lovingly made by me.
So why not come along and say hi. We'll all be pleased to welcome you.