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I am lucky enough to live in beautiful Cornwall and enjoy nothing more than walking on my local beach at Swanpool searching for sea glass. I am inspired by all the natural things I see around me,my favourite colours are the blues and greens of the ever changing sea.

Friday, 13 March 2015


Mandala is a Sanskrit word that simply means circle many people believe that they represent the Universe but whatever you believe I think that they are very decorative items. 

I really enjoy making crocheted versions of  Mandalas these are made using a variety of crochet stitches and you can use as many colours as you wish the brighter the better. 

I usually make coasters or table mats measuring 4-8 inches. I would love to make something larger maybe a floor mat,we will see. I use a mercerised 100% cotton yarn which is machine washable and is obtainable in a great range of colours.

Mandalas are a really decorative item and can be used anywhere around your home and for specific occasions  too Easter,Christmas maybe a wedding 

Some of my Maandalas

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