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Monday, 21 January 2013

Making a rainbow 1

I have just begun another of my crocheted rainbow granny square blankets and decided to write this blog as a record of its progress and the pictures that it conjures up in my mind as I progress.
I use acrylic double knit yarn because it is hardwearing and washable and a 5.00mm hook.
I aim to complete 8 rounds in each colour resulting in a blanket approximately 56" across. Each round is done in a different shade of the colour in use. A shade can be repeated but never be used consecutively.
I love the rainbow, its colours blend perfectly whether they are pastel shades or the more vibrant ones that I am using in my blanket.
First in the spectrum comes red followed by orange these are hot colours and make me think of the flickering flames of a fire on cold winter days, the flowing river of lava when a volcano erupts or the molten core of the earth. Red is for warning, love or danger.

The blanket grows quickly in the beginning as each round is short but follow this blog to check on progress

Yellow to follow shortly

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